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OK Here's how this Welding Blog works: All the latest posts on welding tips and also the latest welding videos get posted here. , that means I will be making several new posts every day.

6G Test

The most 6G test videos on the Web with good Arc shots showing tips and techniques

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6G Pipe Welding test 6010, 7018

Video shows crystal clear arc shots for a 6G pipe welding test with 6010 Root 7018 fill and cap

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How to TIG Braze a Knife Handle

Video shows How to TIG Braze a knife handle on a file to make a Trench Knife

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Fabtech Expo 2019 Highlights

14 minute Tour of Fabtech expo 2019

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7016 Pipe Root

Video shows Arc Shots and technique for 7016 pipe root pass

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TIG Welding Stainless

Video of TIG welding Stainless Steel manifold for Liquid Nitrogen

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Fireball Squares

Fabricating with Fireball Squares

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How to TIG Weld Stainless Steel

Crystal Clear Arc Shots showing How to TIG weld Stainless

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ESAB Rebel 205

Video shows TIG welding aluminum with Esab Rebel 205 with crystal clear arc shots

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3g Mig Uphill root

3g mig uphill techniques Video with clear instructive arc shots to help you improve, pass a test, get a raise, get a job, get a better life

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7010 Overhead Stick Welding

Video shows crystal clear arc shots of 7010 overhead on a root pass using 5/32" and also fill passes with 3/16"

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GMAW-S 3G Test plate

Video shows Clear Arc Shots, TIps, and Techniques for a 3g GMAW-S plate test

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Arc Length

Video Shows Crystal Clear Arc Shots of arc length on Corner, Lap, Edge, Butt, and Tee Joints along with a Review on Walking the Cup

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Stick Welding Overhead

Videos of Stick Welding Overhead with Crystal Clear Arc Shots and Instruction

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5g Downhill Pipe Welding Test API 1104

Video shows tips for Passing a 5g Downhill Pipe Welding Test for API 1104 with Arc shots, Tips, and Techniques

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MIG Welding

Mig Welding Arc Shots showing techniques, tips, and tests

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MIG Welding 5f Tube to Plate

Video Shows Arc shots plus Tips and Techniques for Mig welding 5f Tube to plate

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7018 Overhead Tube to Plate with 5/32"

Video with clear Arc Shots of 7018 overhead tube to plate using 5/32" rod

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Hastelloy C filler wire

Video with crystal clear Arc shots using Hastelloy C filler wire

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7018 Vertical Stringers and Weave Techniques

Instructional Arc Shots showing techniques for 5/32" 7018 Vertical Tee both Stringers and Weave

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Thin Wall Tubing TIG Welding &Brazing

Arc Shots of TIG Welding and TIG Brazing thin wall square tubing

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Downhill Pipe Root with 6010

Video shows Crystal Clear Arc Shots of Downhill Pipe Root with 6010 5/32" welded to API 1104

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Titanium Welding Test

Video shows crystal clear arc shots on a 1G .046" titanium welding test for AWS D1.1 Aerospace welding specification

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Multimatic 220 AC/DC

Video Review of Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC Multiprocess welder Testing low amp starts and high range capabilities

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Silicon Bronze Filler Rod on Blackened Steel

Video shows clear arc shots of Pulse TIG Brazing Laser Cut Tubing with Silicon Bronze Filler rod

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6g Root 6010 Uphill

Crystal Clear arc shots and Technique on a 6g Root with 6010 Uphill

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Weldmonger TIG Gloves

I just added these Weldmonger TIG Gloves to my store...After testing lots of other samples

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TIG Weld Techniques and Ripple Spacing

Video showing clear Arc Shots of TIG Weld Techniques on Steel using Furick 8 Pro Clear cup

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Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC Mig Welding Tips and Techniques

Video showing Mig Welding Tips and Techniques using the Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC welder

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6010 Overhead Root

Video shows very detailed arc shots of a 6010 Overhead Root. Also fill and Cap

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6010 Downhill Root

Arc shots welding 6010 downhill root practice plate

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Crummy Welding Fixture FTW

Crystal Clear arc shots of tig welding aluminum using a Crummy Welding Fixture

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6010 root with 5/32" rod

Video show clear arc shots of 5/32" 6010 root and 3/16" 6010 fill and cap on plate

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Aerospace Welding Test and Fixture

Video Shows clear arc shots of Aerospace Welding test on stainless steel 1g butt done of a fixture built by abom79

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Overhead Stick Welding with 5/32" 7018

Video shows crystal clear arc shots of overhead stick welding with 5/32" 7018

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Aluminum Corner Joint

TIG Welding an Aluminum Corner Joint Video shows Arc Shots, Techniques and Tips

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7016 Open Root

Video shows arc shots and stick welding technique for 7016 open root joint

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TIG Welding Aluminum Butt and Tee

Video of TIG welding an Aluminum Butt and Tee joint with arc shots

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7024 Electrodes

Video shows 7024 Electrodes on a multi pass fillet weld ...good, bad, ugly, and arc shots

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TIG Welding Training Exercise for 11 ga carbon steel

Video shows TIG Welding Training techniques and arc shots for Steel Corner, Lap, and Tee joints

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Silicon Bronze Cube

TIG Brazing a cube with Silicon Bronze Filler rod ERCuSi-A - Video shows arc shots and TIG welder settings

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TIG Welding Tubes

Video shows tig welding tubes for #tubehurricanechallenge

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Esab Rebel 285

Videos of MIG, Dual shield flux core, and Stick using a Esab Rebel 285

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Stick welding Multipass Fillet Weld

Video of Stick Welding with Esab Rebel 285 using Big 3/16" 7018 rods

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Fabtech 2018 Show Highlights

Video showing Fabtech 2018 highlights and JD's preheat party

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4130 Chromoly Welding

Video of TIG welding 4130 chromoly parts with a 400f preheat and ER70S-2 filler rod

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How to Walk the Cup on a Multipass Weld

Video shows How to Walk the Cup plus Arc shots and technique on a multi pass Stainless TIG weld.

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Fabtech 2017

Fabtech 2017

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Dual Shield Flux Core vs 7018 Stick

Video of Dual Shield Flux Core vs 7018 Stick Electrode vertical uphill using an Esab Rebel 285

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