electrode positive or electrode negative

by Peter
(Queensland, Australia)

Hi Jody, I have bought a Magnum ac/dc tig / mma 200p welder. A couple of questions on the set up.
What is the arc force knob for.
When arc welding should I be on electrode negative or positive. Does this depend on the rods being used.
I will try to upload a pic of my welder

Love your site. Keep the videos going.




stick welding mostly uses DCEP reverse..but electrode negative can be useful for welding sheet metal downhill using a 6011 or 6010

the arc force is also known as arc dig or arc control

basically it provides for a more digging arc or softer arc.

some machines have the knob backwards so you will have to experiment to see if yours digs more on 0 or on 10.

or your manual might tell you but some of those manuals are kind of useless.

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dc negative NEW
by: Anonymous

Learn the characteristics of DC negative, and you'll understand where and when to use it. In certain applications, notably thin sheet metals, switching to electrode negative will help you with arc force and deliver a better weld. This is because the arc flows from the rod to the base metal.

Experiment and see what works best.

student, Canada

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Neg or pos
by: Anonymous

I have a gas powered welder that has ac, dc+, or dc-, which is dc reverse?

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