New Process for Welding Cast Iron

Hello, I read your suggestions on welding cast iron exhaust manifolds and thought I would tell you about how I fix them. So far none of the manifolds I have fixed have ever come back because of breaking again or cracking by the welds. I fixed one manifold off of an old 1960's tractor, it was even missing some of parts where it had broken. I replaced the missing parts with some steel and welded the rest of the cracks and to date it is still working. I use a Castolin Eutectic Eutalloy B Torch and Eutalloy 10224 alloy powder(mostly nickel). Using this torch you spray the powder through the tip of the torch after your base metal turns to a red heat and the powder fuses to the base metal and melts creating a bond without porosity and without bringing up all the junk in the casting. I've also used it for building up worn cast iron pulleys for machining new surfaces onto them. In fact in the past two weeks I've done 2 of these pulleys that had a worn surface where the crankshaft seal had worn a groove on the pulley(sheave). First I machined off the worn surface. Then built it up with the nickel powder and the torch. As soon as I was done welding, I put the pulley in floor dry for it to cool slowly. After several hours it was cool and ready for machining. I've tried all kinds of different cast iron welding rods and none compare with the quality of weld that I can accomplish with the Eutalloy B torch and the 10224 nickel powder.

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Jul 16, 2015
Education NEW
by: Anonymous

I have seen this light in real life at a spot i worked for. It is amazing, also in the event that you utilize a container with a top loaded cheapest prices for research papers with feline litter you dive an opening in the litter place your part in after you have showered it and spread it over with more litter. It will cool much slower.

Feb 16, 2015
Marquette Redi-Acr Welder NEW
by: Tim

I have recently been given a Marquette Model 32W Redi-Arc Spot Welder. I am trying to find information on this machine. I have look all over the internet for a manual or some sort of instruction guide to see what all the heat settings are for on the front of the machine. Do you know where I can get information on this machine? It does work just not sure if I have everything that goes with it.

Aug 19, 2014
will it work? NEW
by: G.R. Ronan

I have A Marquette torch that is similar to the one you sell. Marquette is apparently out of businesses and the powder is no longer available. Will your powder work with my torch or do I have A fancy paper weight?

Feb 23, 2013
Eutectic Tech Sales Rep NEW
by: Jim

Email me at and i will help you.

Jul 27, 2012
Castolin Torch NEW
by: Proff. Hoop

Hey Guy's
I am a Proff at a community college in Ontario Canada, I have come across a Castolin torch set in my storage room and would like a bit of info on how to use it properly. I have lots of alloy hoppers and the torch is all here but how does it work?
I tried it and it did spray a coating but I'm unsure of pressures, and procedures for doing it correctly.

Feb 22, 2010
eutalloy torch
by: Anonymous

i have seen this torch in action at a place i worked for. it is amazing,also if you use a box with a lid filled with cat litter you dig a hole in the litter place your part in after you have sprayed it and cover it over with more will cool much slower.

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