Announcing the
"Share my Weld" App

This week I have a couple of announcements.

First announcement is that I am having a sale on a set of 2014 and earlier DVDs to raise some money to help me pay for  a welding app that my son Joey and I have been working on.
Its called the Vintage DVD bundle and 2011 thru 2014 DVD sets all for 98.99 for a limited time.

Also you can use coupon code Vintage to save 30% on any DVD

That brings me to the second announcement.

My youngest son Joey and I have been working on a welding app together (mostly him doing the work)…. and so the reason I have him in the video with me today is to announce that he has just launched the app.

...and its ready to download and use.

The app is called "share my weld"

... and essentially, the "share my weld" app

harnesses the power of photos tied to welding data and settings.

We decided to launch the  iPhone version first so its available for FREE download  on the iPhone app store...but he will have the android version out just as soon as we can.

Here is the link to where you can download it for your iphone

one By the Way, I learned that Apps are very expensive to I am running a special on DVDs for a while to help raise money to pay for some of the costs of this App.  So if you have been on the fence and thinking about grabbing some DVDs, now is a great time.

What exactly is share my weld?

I have always thought it would be so useful to be able to save photos of welds that also listed the weld settings.  

So now with your iPhone, you can create a whole library of weld photos in your phone that lists all the settings too.

And you can see other peoples welds too if they choose to share them.

But you don’t have share your welds…you can choose to only store them on your phone and have your own personal library of welds and projects.
I think plenty of people will choose to share their welds not only within the app, but to instagram and other places.
and before you know it, there will be all types of welds posted along with the settings it took to make those welds.

Here is the link to where you can download the share my weld app for your iphone

How does Share my weld work with Instagram?

#sharemyweld  works well with Instagram...

Why Instagram?

There is already a great welding community on instagram  and incidentally…maybe your kinda like I was  and are thinking instagram is a big waste of time... I was very reluctant to get on instagram because I really thought is was just a bunch of girls posting selfies.

I don’t have time for that crap.  but its not just that …its way more than least for welders it is.

The welding pictures on instagram inspire me..along with a lot of others to take their welding game to the next level. and to help each other too.

On instagram you can find awesome welds of stuff like anodized aluminum marine tubing like on tuna towers, stainless pipe, hard facing bucket teeth, sanitary stainless, titanium pie cut exhaust, or even an awesome job on a backhoe repair.  even laser welding repairs on tool and die steels.

But here is the problem with instagram posts

Someone posts an awesome weld like an inconel exhaust collector, a stainless pipe weld, or a mig like tig type weld and then the questions would come…

what settings did you use?, what was your voltage? ..your wire speed…did you use pulse? …or did you pump the pedal?   what filler wire did you use on that?
sometimes the answers would come...but sometimes not.

Welders are busy people.

So what this  app does is make posting all that info a lot easier  whether posting to instagram or not.

There are already some decent weld calculators out there that basically just take the info that is on the chart on the inside of a mig welder and puts in on your phone.

Nothing wrong with that but we all know thats just a starting point.

I think having a photo to go along with settings will help people to be successful.

Like most any app, this is a work in progress and can be changed or improved along the way... so this is kinda a beta test. 

Joey has been working on this for quite while but at some point you just have to launch the thing... and get feedback from users to make improvements and fix things.

There are a few features that we are working on like..being able to search welds by material type.

I know changes will be needed, but we went ahead and launched it so we could get feedback from you on the exact features you want to see.

one more thing...I am running a special on DVDs for a while to help raise money to pay for some of the costs of this App.  So if you have been on the fence and thinking about grabbing some DVDs, now is a great time.


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