TIG filler rod

by D
(Minneapolis MN)

If you're not the best at feeding filler rod constantly forward in your hand, (like me) here is what I do. When you are about to run out of room and need a new grip on your filler rod, simply ease way up on the amperage and get a new grip on the remaining filler rod. Just remember to keep the tip of the filler inside the flow of shielding gas. This way you aren't really stopping the weld and can easily ease back into the correct amperage range and continue the bead with more filler rod ready to go. This works for me well with aluminum when you are dipping that rod really quickly. And also it helps to cut most filler rods in half at least so you aren't worrying about two feet of rod hitting something behind you while you're running the bead.

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Filling the rod was not so simple task as it looks. The filler should be kept right at the tip of the rod. If you are a true welder you will find this work simpler but it has got its tough job. One must be very careful and should have proper knowledge on this.

Jul 24, 2015
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