Tig welding bronze

I have a job coming up that requires me to weld 220 bronze, can I use tig prosses and what polarity, gas, and amp range do I use? It it a smooth arc?


I just looked up the compostion of 220 bronze at this link http://www.sequoia-brass-copper.com/store/220FPU.htm

and it lists 10 percent zinc.

if that is so, this job might be a beast with lots of smoke and outgassing in the puddle.

bronze can sometimes be welded on DCEN like steel but with 10 percent zinc, this stuff might require AC along with a helium argon mix and a preheat.

i dont know for sure if i have ever welded it before because some of the bronze and brass i have done were not identifiable.

it seems like it should be classified as brass instead of bronze with all that zinc.

good luck and thanks for posting

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Mar 30, 2013
Brass bronze NEW
by: Anonymous

Can you do a video on bronze and brass?
Thanks, it's awesome that you do these videos much appreciated

Oct 11, 2012
Tig welding bronze NEW
by: Gilbert

Hey Jody, I tackled that bronze jod I posted on and it was easy. I used silicon bronze filler wire on DCEN at 150 amps. The puddle almost feeles like Aluminum. Thanks for everything, you have a great website.

Oct 11, 2012
2 Cents NEW
by: Anonymous

Echo what Jody said about the shielding gases. I welded >1" pure Copper (preheated) using GMAW-spray/pulse with Argon/Helium using a mixer. Our variables allowed some adjustment. It has been so long ago that I can't remember the exact amount of Ar-somewhere around 85-90 percent. Have no idea about Tig parameters.
Main concern is respiratory protection. A positive pressure respirator was required for welding copper at my place of employment. Even with that, my doctor did a blood test that revealed very high levels of copper in my blood.

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