Tip for 6010 vertical uphill welding

6010 is a fast freeze rod which means the puddle cool and hardens much faster than 7018. When welding vertical from bottom to top which is how any experienced welder should, dont be hesitant to move a half an inch out of the puddle to allow the molten metal to harden. This creates much more ease in running a consistent bead. When doing so, move upward out of the puddle so that you cover up any chicken scratch that is created. This is a technique that will make stick welding in vertical or 6g positions (especially the root pass) much easier to keep from blowing out. It takes a few times to get the concept but it will do you wonders for a lifetime once you figure it out.

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Feb 20, 2014
Welding tips NEW
by: Anonymous

for under cuts pause for a bit to prevent the undercut or reduce arc length or and reduce heat input.

Sep 09, 2013
Movements? NEW
by: Baptism_By_Fire

Can you do this with any type of weaving? Like circles or zig-zags? And how well would it work when welding with DC- instead of DC+? I prefer DC- when going vertical, but I'm still having trouble with undercut. If anyone has a comment or tip to share, you can send it to my email, and please put the subject as Welding tip(s). Thanks!

(yes, the Z is capitalized)

Oct 12, 2011
by: villa

i was wondering if you guys had a video of verticle regular plate welding (verticle)?

Apr 26, 2010
6010 uphand
by: wrebrner66

You should also be prepared to change your rod angle if you have a not-so-great fit-up.Less angle for a wider root gap to backfill the keyhole,and a bit more to preheat a tighter gap.

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