Tip for starting the arc using the filler rod

by Stevie

Thats a good tip using the filler rod to start the arc.
I always rock the torch in slowly until it touches and then rock it back quickly. But sometimes on the job, I worry about tungsten inclusions showing up on the x ray. So far so good, but I am going to practice starting the arc with the filler rod and see If I can get comfortable with that.

Also, I really like the stubby gas lens tip because a gas lens would really help on some of the stuff I get into.
Especially the small bore stainless pipe and also for the stainless sheet metal jobs that seem to crop up when I get sent over for fab shop duty.

It looked like blue color on the tungsten. I recently swapped over to 2% lanthanated for everything and its working out to be a really good one size fits all choice..
thanks for that.

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