Vertical Stick Welding

by Bryan Miller
(Dallas, TX)

Jody- I used to think I was a decent welding with stick- if its flat I can make beautiful weld- but turn a bead vertical and all I get is globs of metal all over the place. Any tips for vertical stick welding?


here are a few tips that usually help a lot

set machine just hot enough that when you hold a very tight arc , it wont stick

hold a very tight arc

shoot for a dead nuts 90 degree stick angle or a slight push

if weaving, pause at toes, and go across the middle pretty quick

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Aug 05, 2015
Education NEW
by: Anonymous

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Sep 20, 2014
Vertical SMAW (with 6011) NEW
by: Anonymous

So what is a proper rod angle for a vertical fillet T-Joint?

Jun 13, 2014
mig madness NEW
by: Anonymous

I saw a welder using MIG repairing a boat, every weld was done by overlapping tacks, one second on, one second off, later I found out he had no welding qualifications, is this acceptable practice ?

Jan 16, 2014
Inverted t NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey try doing a whip method for vertical up, move the stick up quick, then back down and weave, look up inverted t on YouTube

Jun 30, 2012
vertical up NEW
by: Ross

Stop at each side of the weave a fraction longer til you see the pool run into the middle and then jump to the other side.Also it sometimes helps if you are in some tight spot to hold the rod with your spare hand so as to be more accurate with rod movement. Cheers

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