How to Walk the Cup on a  Stainless Steel Multi pass Weld

Are you trying to learn how to walk the cup?

This video should help.

There are several other videos on "how to walk the cup" on this page and my hope is that this information will help you pass a test, get a job, get a raise, and help you support your family.

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I selected genuine CK worldwide parts for the  gas lens kit shown in this video with pipe welding and sanitary stainless tube welding in mind. 

This large Diameter gas lens kit-  for 17/18/26 & 3-Series Torches

 Works with  17, 18, 26, CS300, CS410 and CK 3 Series TIG torches.

This Large Diameter Gas Lens kit is especially popular with pipe welders and works great for.

* Walking the cup on pipe
* Socket welds both Stainless and Carbon
* Stainless Sanitary tubing for Food and Beverage
* Aluminum tread plate

Weld  Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloys like Inconel and Hastelloy with less Discoloration and less oxidation in the puddle.

* #12 - 3/4" (19.0mm) Orifice Gas Lens Alumina Nozzle (#12 cup allows for 3/4” stickout and sometimes even more while still maintaining excellent gas coverage)

* #10 - 5/8" (16.0mm) Orifice Gas Lens Alumina Nozzle
* #8 - 1/2" (12.7mm) Orifice Gas Lens Alumina Nozzle
* #6 - 3/8" (9.6mm) Orifice Gas Lens Alumina Nozzle
* 3/32" (2.4mm) and 1/8"(3.2mm) Large Diameter Gas Lens Collet Bodies
* 3/32" (2.4mm) and 1/8"(3.2mm) Wedge Collets ( wedge collets won’t twist when they get hot)
* One Ea. Large Diameter Teflon Nozzle Gasket

If you have been struggling with gray oxidized welds from inadequate argon coverage, then this Gas lens kit can help you take your TIG welding game to the next level.

What is walking the cup and what is it good for?

Walking the cup is a tig welding technique.

Used primarily for pipe welding for both socket welds and butt welds, it is a widely used technique that lets you make super uniform welds without the need to prop on the metal...because the tig cup is propped on the metal as you weld.

It is a very marketable skill too.

I have heard more than one story where test shops demanded that pipe certification tests be done walking the cup because it has become sort of an accepted best practice for pipe welding.

Walk the Cup and using the right cup size

This video shows how to walk the cup and how to pick the right size cup.

I had some box tubing welded to a base plate from a previous video and thought it might be a good opportunity to walk the cup around corners and talk about cup size and tungsten extension.

walking the cup with a real cup

If you have never walked the cup at all, it might help you to get a solo cup and practice walking it across a table top.

Sounds goofy, but it will help you understand exactly how it works so that no matter what position you are put in, you will be able to hold the torch in a way that lets you walk the cup and make the weld.

How to Walk the cup with a scratch start tig rig

This video shows using a scratch start tig rig to walk the cup on a test plate.

Root pass, hot pass, fill passes and cover passes using both the walking the cup technique and also using a tig finger.

Any welder would be smart to learn how to walk the cup and should also  learn how to set up an air cooled scratch start tig rig using either a generator welder, or simple DC stick welder.

This is the simplest tig setup there is and is still used in the field today by pipe welders, boilermakers, and sheet metal workers.

If you show up on your first tig welding job without knowing how to set up a dry rig, you are not going to make the best impression.

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