Welding Art "PREDATOR" vs "ALIEN"

Why cant I make welding art like this??

I cant even begin to think how long it would take me to sort through a bunch of old hardware to come up with parts to weld together to make welding art like this that looks convincing and real.

I don't think I have what it takes.

People say I have a lot of patience, but I know myself pretty well and I don't think I have what it takes to do welding art like this.

I would put a gun in my mouth before I finished .

The predator pieces are amazing. Even though most of the metal came from car and motorcycle parts.

Who would think that arranging them in a certain way would make a lifelike predator welding sculpture?

Welding art like this takes more than just patience.

It take an artists eye. It takes the gift of being able to visualize something that is not there yet... to be able to see it so clearly, that you know exactly what to do to get there.

It's a gift.

Architects have it...Builders have it...songwriters have it...some fabricators have it too.

what is it?


"Without vision the people perish"

What equipment do you need to make welding art??

Welding sculptures like this are best made with a 115 volt mig welder.


Because you need to be able to hold a piece of metal with one hand, and the mig gun with the other, so that you can tack all kinds of weird shaped pieces together in a way that makes it all look like art when you are done.

One of the best 115 volt mig welders on the market is the Hobart Handler 140 because it has a small torch, a gas conversion kit, and 140 amp max.

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Bonus Video...Chick making welding art with a plasma cutter...btw I dont recommend cutting propane tanks unless you really know the ropes... It can shorten your life by a lot.

Is it just me? or is she kind of hot?

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