Welding Cart - Open Concept part1

This is part 1 of this open cart welding cart project.
One of the very first welding projects you need to tackle when you get a welding machine is a cart for your welder.

I have lots of welding machines and so I am planning on making several carts.

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another welding cart project

So I am experimenting with a different design for a welding cart.  I like this open concept because I think it might make it easier to get a welder or plasma cutter in and out.

I have several inverter welders that need carts so I plan on building several carts using different designs …trying to improve from one cart to the next.

Here are some of my welders and plasma cutters that need carts…

Thermal Arc Fabricator 252i, Everlast Powertig 255ext, Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC stick welder, AHP alpha cut 60 plasma cutter, AHP Alpha Tig 200dx (older version), Miller Dynasty 280dx.

Actually, Some of these welders are already on carts …but the carts are really flimsy ones that I ordered on Amazon….and since I make welding videos, it just makes sense for me to make a few heavier duty carts out of square tubing that will be much more substantial than the off the shelf carts….and that will roll around my shop easily.

I got some free 1-1/2” square tubing from a friend but it was stored outdoors and was rusty.  But free is free so I gladly put some elbow grease into the job and used a 3m bristle disc and a wire cup brush to remove the rust.

This sucks...Time to shop for a saw that uses slower speeds and a carbide tipped blade

I cut the 45 deg angles using a chop saw.

I thought I checked the first few angles I cut on the Makita chop saw...and they seemed fairly accurate but when I was fitting up the pieces it was obvious that the angles were not that accurate…and that made for some gaps.

The gaps were not bad but since 90 degree weld joints always tend to draw toward the throat, a gap in the throat does not help.

Welding direction can help, but will not totally prevent a joint from drawing toward the throat.

and so even though I welded all the 45 deg miter joints from inside to out, and even though I tack welded a long stiffener piece to prevent the joints from drawing inward, they still drew in a bit.

After the fact, I think I should have place the connecting pieces directly over the 45 degree joints to help maintain the 90 degree angles.

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