Welding Information Links

These Welding information Links have been very useful for me.

Alcotec Welding Information

Clicking here will take you to Alcotec's download page for a very useful filler metal chart for aluminum welding. Alcotec Filler Metal chart for Welding Aluminum

Welder Series Aftermarket Welded cart parts

This website is primarily aimed at selling kits for hot rods but it is loaded with videos on how to assemble and weld the kits. I learned some new things by watching these videos.

Welder Series Street Rod Parts

Miller Welding Information

This page on Miller's website is loaded with valuable information. Make sure to spend some time drilling down to all the different processes and welding information. Miller Welding

AWS-American Welding Society...information for welders

AWS-American Welding Society. Information on how to become certified as a welder or inspector. AWS American Welding Society

Hobart Welding School Information

Hobart welding course information and information on tuition Hobart

TWI-The Welding Institute

THE Welding Institute. You know, the one in the UK TWI -------------------------------------------------------------------- Leave Welding Information links and visit Home page