welding thick metals

i have a lincoln 115v flux core mig that says it can handle metal thicknesses of 1/8in. the problem is i need to weld some 1/4in steel to .083in wall square tubing. how should i go about doing this? maybe put in a v groove and fill that in with a bead then put on a second bead on the 1/4 inch thick steel side of the original weld? im new to welding so this is just a guess.


First of all, if this is a critical weld, you might want to get a more powerful machine.

but a few ways to get the most out of your 115 volt mig are...

position the piece so that you are welding uphill or at least at a 45 degree angle uphill.

preheat with a small propane torch.

clean the metal and or grind a v groove.

plug into a strong 20 amp circuit and do not use an extension cord

good luck

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