Welding Videos on DVD

welding videos on dvd

I make welding videos.

Every week I make a video of some project I am doing...and if I dont have a project going, I think of some tip or trick that might help someone and I put it in a video.

Some say they are better now than ever...I sure hope so.

One video every week except for one or 2 weeks on vacation ....

That makes 50 welding videos every year.

I post most of them on YouTube but...

The problem is that many of you have trouble viewing youtube videos.

Sometimes its really slow.

Sometimes it stops in the middle and takes a long time to start again.

Some folks still have a dial up internet connection. Some have cable internet, some have DSL. But even with a DSL or cable connection, a YouTube video that stalls every minute is pretty annoying to watch.

With a DVD, you can watch video on a computer without waiting for YouTube to load, or you can just pop it into a DVD player without even needing an internet connection.

welding video dvd

So next time you are on a long flight...or road trip, you can pop a welding video DVD in your laptop and get your learn on.

Or if you have a DVD player out in the shop or man cave, you can pop it in and let it play.

You might ask..."why would I pay for a DVD when its free on YouTube?"

Well, its free right now, but I am in the process of moving some videos to other websites and some of my videos will be moved away from Youtube.

So get your DVD now and you will own over 7 hours worth of welding videos....A years worth of work.

You will not find this type of welding DVD anywhere else.

some of the videos are the type of weld joints you would do in welding school....others are real projects that came thru the shop.

Its real welding in a real shop and its casual...not professionally narrated like some personal hygiene video you saw in middle school.

welding dvd

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