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"I Spend way too much time watching Welding Videos "

I Spend way too much time shooting Welding Videos

At least that's what my wife says.

And When I am not shooting my own welding videos, I am constantly on YouTube searching for welding vids for this website... entering in terms like, thin aluminum tig welding video, mig welding dvd, free video on arc welding, free video on welding, welding machine video, mig video, videos of pressure vessel welding, arc welding dvd clips, etc...

I know I should get a life and start watching Grey's Anatomy or some reality tv show, but frankly I would rather get kicked in the stones.

So I had this thought. Almost Every single week I shoot a welding video...and even when I dont get around to shooting one, When I find a video that has some value, whether good, bad, or ugly, I am going to post that welding video on my site along with a review.

And if you enter your information in the box, you will be notified by email whenever one of these video reviews is done. No Spam, just a simple email.

But the good thing for you, the viewer, is there is no longer any reason to waste your time searching for good welding videos.

I have already done it for you.

And when I find a piece of crap video with nothing worth talking about, It wont even make it on this site and you will never have to waste your time watching it. I already wasted my time. So why should you too. (actually, I was probably having a beer while sitting on the couch with my laptop. That doesn't suck so bad)

One thing that I have noticed over the years is that anyone can learn something from watching someone else weld...that is if they are tuned in to the right things.

I learn something every time I watch someone else strike an arc... Because I am paying attention.

My aim here is to search for good Videos that are instructive, innovative, controversial, or maybe just plain cool or funny. And then to use the opportunity to point out tips and tricks and cool things that deserve discussion... Things we can all learn from.

So if you would like to join the party and get notified when I post a weld Video and Review, just enter your info here ....Lets Roll..

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Welding Videos Reviewed

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Aluminum Welding Training on your own

If you cant go to welding school, here is a way to get the most bang for your buck. Get a small piece of 11 ga aluminum and weld beads strategically. there is more to it than that so... Read the whole Review on aluminum welding training drill

Mig Welding Technique taught by Old Timer

here is a simple welding technique that works for all kinds of joints. There are plenty of other mig welding techniques that work, but this one has served me well for a lot of years...

Thanks to an old guy named Fish read the whole review on mig welding technique here

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