What about 7014?

by Mark
(Williams AZ)

I use a lot of 7014 with my ac/dc buzz box, It works best on dc. What are the draw backs of 7014?
I dont make my living welding but I do weld a lot. 7014 works up, down, overhead.. please comment/


I dont know of any real drawbacks...if it works for you ...then it works.

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Nov 06, 2014
A Good Rod NEW
by: Anonymous

Easy to use. Have seen them used successfully
in many applications.

Apr 16, 2011
7014 vs. 7018
by: Anonymous

As far as these two rods go, they're not much different during welding. The real difference comes with lots of time given to allow micro cracks and other deformations to really form themselves. 7018 is what's referred to as a low-hy rod, this means that it has less that so much hydrogen percentage that is located in another set of numbers and letters that can be found right after the rod identification (i.e. 7018 H4R). All that this accomplishes is less hydrogen cracking after the welding is completed and some temperatures have done their thing. 7014 however is not a low hydrogen rod and so is more susceptible to such cracking.

I hope this helps!

Aug 09, 2010
not so hot
by: Anonymous

just my opinion BUT it's just a 6013 with more strength. it's got the same drawbacks as 13. give me 7024 any day!

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