Wizard Wrap or Wrap-A-Round

by Justin
(Heyburn, Id, U.S.A.)

Hi, my name is Justin, I have been wanting to learn how to measure, mark, cut, and weld pipe for a while now. I am a farmer and I have some 6" pipe with different angles to cut and weld together. I dont have experience with how to use a wrap tool to measure and mark the angles that I need to cut. Do you know, or can you help me where to find some information on how to use these, or anything else that can help get the job done? Thanks for your help, great website by the way!



I think the last wrap around I bought had instructions with it.

or you might be able to find a pipe fitters handbook on amazon or ebay

the little books are also called Frankland books.

written by a guy last name Frankland

just go to amazon.com and type in pipe fitters handbook. you will find one...


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Jun 03, 2010
Get a Graves Blue book
by: Anonymous

By far the best book for pipe fitting information is the Pipefitters Blue Book by W.V. Graves. Well worth the money. In it there are formulas and tables for figuring out just about every possible fit up you can imagine as well as guides for making pipe cutting templates.

Jun 02, 2010
Tube Notching Software
by: Chris Muncy


Check this web page out. Enter in your specs and it will let you print your wrap around template for your pipe:


Here's another that is similar to the one above:


Both are free as in b33r too.


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