6g weld test

what does a 6g weld test consist of?


there are a whole crapload of different 6g tests.

the only thing they all have in common is the position.

a 6g position is where the axis of the pipe is on a 45 degree angle.

the reason a 6g position is used is because it tests the welder on his good side as well as the bad...one side will always seem easier depending on if your are right handed or left handed.

some of the more common 6g tests are :

6 inch schedule 80 carbon steel pipe 37 1/2 degree bevels 1/8 gap with 1/8 land. 6010 root, 7018 fill and cap

6 inch schedule 80 carbon steel pipe 37 1/2 degree bevels 1/8 gap with no land. tig root pass and second pass, 7018 fill and cap

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Apr 10, 2010
6g 2 inch sched 80
by: Kris

Is it common for two stringers for a cap on this test? I am pretty sure I can make one nice cap on this, but how should I be practicing?....My guess is 1/8 6010 about 90 amps for a root and then.....? I can roll out pipe like and make it look like gold but I havent been tested or certed yet, My company wants me to get my pipe cert, and I am a structural guy, but I am good with open root welds...really open root!

Nov 27, 2009
like your style
by: max bardell

I have been welding and fabricating for over 27 yrs. I have been certified and not certified. Sometimes after doing fabrication for the same outfit you have a tendency to forget certain procedures. I very much enjoy your no bullshit approach in helping laymen and others get the facts straight. Thanx Max

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