difference between E 7018 & E6013 welding electrodes

by n.v. ramesh
(kukatpally, hyderabad, india)

what is difference between E 7018 & E6013 welding electrodes


the main difference is that e 7018 is a serious rod used in structural code work.

e6013 is considered a farmer general purpose rod that is easy to use.

e6013 are not used on any serious construction project.

i wont go into the complete explanation as you can find that info anywhere on the web.

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Sep 08, 2014
by: Anonymous



Jul 08, 2014
which elecyrode should be used NEW
by: rezvan.engg@gmail.com

steam line has been bypassed bt still there is some water coming through porosity of pipe weld joint and i need to arrest that joint of porosity bt which electrode and in which process it should be used

Jul 05, 2014
difference between 6013 and 7018 electrodes NEW
by: Ganesan Ramasamy

As per ASME Sec II Part C, the smaw electrodes are designed based on flux coating.

6013 - Rutile coated electrode with potassium silicate

7018 - basic coated with Iron powder with potassium silicate.

Normally 6013 electrodes conatains more hydrogen content in weld metal. Because of this 6013 electrodes are used only in genral structural and fabrication works.

But we can use 7018 electrodes for pressure vessels, boilers, ship building and heavy structurals due to low hydrogen content in weld metal.

Comparing in weld metal strength the 7018 electrodes produces very good notch toughness even at sub zero temperatures(even -50 deg C).

Mar 03, 2014
by: Anonymous

please tell me difference between E7018 & E6013 & Which is more beneficial for steel structure ? and why? please answer as soon as possible

Nov 27, 2013
About Welding Electrodes NEW
by: Tapan Ranjan Sahu

Dear sir,
What i know, that only procceding hear.If it is wrong,so that I am so sorry.
6013 welding electrode is different type of material standard(lightly hardness), it is not abale to welding quality of X-ray & Ultra sonic Test and it's flux coating dia also less. To it we can't used in rectifired welding machine only on oil cooling machine and not nessecerry to keep in the dry oven(minimum warmof temprature 100 degree). It's weld strength also less.

But dear friends one thing more have some company in india like (ESAB & ADOR)and they are produceing the good qualitys of 6013 welding electrodes that we can used for good quality purpose. Thank u.

May 16, 2013
E7018 & E6013 NEW
by: suresh babu

Dear Sir ,

kindly Please E-7018 & E-6013 What is the different between electrode's

Feb 17, 2013
difference between E 7018 & E6013 welding electrodes NEW
by: Anonymous

difference between E 7018 & E6013 welding electrodes

Dec 09, 2012
Fire tube in steam generators NEW
by: Ali

What is the best welding Electrodes to weld fire tube in fire tube steam generators?
waiting for your kund reply

Dec 28, 2011
USED OF E 6013 & E 7018 NEW

Where we can use E 6013 electrodes & E 7018 Electrodes.


Apr 22, 2011
e6013 electrode
by: Anonymous

can i use electrodes e6013 welding for lime silo tank material grade is :a36 & s275jr?

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