Good technique for 6010 downhill on 4" sched 40 pipe???

by Ken
(fair oaks, CA)

I recently took sort of a proficiency test for a plumbers and pipe fitters union that doesn't offer an apprenticeship program for welders. I almost made it, but they said I needed a little more additional training.

Basically what they had me do was hand bevel some 4 or 4-1/2" schedule 40 pipe with a torch, then run a 6010 downhill all the way out.

I am having a little bit of trouble on the root pass with this smaller diameter pipe, and I want to know how I can resolve it.

It always wants to open up on me even at 70 amps.

I know that I should be able to just lay the rod in there and drag it straight downhill with no stepping motion but I can't seem to get this technique completely figured out.

Sure I can make it work if I use a stepping motion but I don't want to have to do that. I want to learn how to do it the right way.

I've tried playing around with the amps and fit up, and I can get really close. But without someone who actually knows how to do it to explain or show it to me, I am just guessing at this point.

So, I would really appreciate it if you could give me a quick walk through on the exact fit up. IE how much root opening you would use, how much of a land, how many amps on the root pass VS the fill and cover if you change it, and especially how much and what type of an angle you would use in each area of the pipe.

Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.



have you tried a nickel land and a nickel gap?

(btw thats the thickness of a nickel)

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Jan 23, 2015
by: Jeremy

Ken.. Bro. You cannot run a 6010 bead or root without wipping it if you have a knife edge. Or anything close to it. You have to have a decent land and fit . I like 1/8th land 1/8th gap.. 1/8th 5p 80amp. You will always over keyhole with a knife edge . No land= very bad.

Feb 15, 2013
good technique NEW
by: actual welder

1/16 gap no land or very little about 80 amps or so depending on how fast you are use 3/32 6010 if it starts to open up or get windows just keep going and come back and grind and fix those later

Jul 03, 2012
Down hill NEW
by: Anonymous

Your land isn't big enough, your tack too weak, moving too slow or have wrong rod angle. Typically the root pass or "bead" downhill is done very quickly. Try what the guy above said and deflect your angle away, pass over if you get a window and come back to fix it. At that point it is already a bad weld might as well weld through it and learn.

Nov 17, 2010
by: Anonymous

for one why is a steamfitters local having you downhill all the way out wiht 6010? the pipeliners do it but i reccommend figguring out why you cant use 7018. i am a steamfitter out of a local in indiana and they made 7018 for a reason its a muc better rod. of course you should use 6010 for your root cuz of the gap but them having you do it all with 6010 is a lil ridic. and the standard to test for first timers tryin to get in is either a 2 inch super coupon or a 6 inch sch. 80

Nov 17, 2010
Try this
by: J Small

Try pointing the tip of the rod toward the direction of travel to close the keyhole a little. 85 amps and and 1/8 land and a 3/32 gap should work well.

Nov 19, 2009
right gap &heat
by: loco welder

first try to get a right gap 3/32 for a 1/8 rod if star opening on you just speed up and wip itup. if you get a big hole just keep going and come back and fix it. for hot pass i like to use 5/32 6010 5p no+ a up and down tecnique.or half moons.and cap with 5/32 5p a slow star and same tecnique half moons and a little long wip at bottom. good luck.

Sep 17, 2009
by: ken

Yes I have played around with different fit ups like I mentioned, but it still wants to open up on me.

Anyway, you shouldn't have to put much of a land on it for this weld. That's what I'm going after.

It works fine when I fit it up like that and use a step technique.

I was working on it again last night in college but ran out of time like always. But I think I've sort of got a good strategy figured out.

It's not what I was going after but it works. If I give it 3/32 root and land at 80 amps for the root. I can drag it for a little while until it starts to open up, then just step it until it cools down enough to start dragging again.

Anyone else have any other ideas?

I even tried 3/32 6010 5p but unfortunately I was running it in straight polarity by accident. So I never had a chance to see what it was really like. But it's not like I can get used to that anyway...


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