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mig technique # 5

by Jeff Reed
(Kansas City, MO)

I am new at this so this is a question, on this technique it seems to me that the weld may be too hot and pulling the vertical over a little, if this is so, (which I would like to know), could have a few tacks on backside have prevented this?


Could be, but When i did this comparison, i did not get the pieces perfectly 90 degrees before there is no way of knowing if the weld pulled it that far.

good observation...I probably should have taken more time and compared distortion also.

tacks might have helped but the shrinkage stresses of cooling weld metal are usually too much for tack welds to stop

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Nov 22, 2013
So what would the solution be? NEW
by: Scotty

If the front side weld WAS pulling the plate out of alignment, what would the solution be if a tack weld was too little to hold the plate in square. Or, what if you could not place a weld on the back side for some design reason, how would one prevent the warping?

Jan 24, 2011
mig tec #5
by: Jeff Reed

thanks for response, wasn't sure from the picture on the back side it "looked" like a small fisure had opened, like the pool had pulled the side up just a little

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