Mig Welding Techniques for Flat, Horizontal, Vertical, and Overhead Tested and proven

"its not just the heat...its also technique!"

Here are just a few of the many Mig Welding videos on this site.

Testing Mig Welding Techniques

Have you tested push vs pull techniques to see the difference for yourself

All of these are the short circuit mig welding process using 75/25 ar/co2 (c25) gas

Along with each video, you will find links to the individual pages with full detailed information

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Its always good to test mig welding techniques along with settings to make sure you are getting enough penetration...and one of the best ways to test is by a cut and etch test also called a macro etch test.

See the full article on testing mig welding settings on inside and outside corner joints

I tested Millers chart settings along side much lower wire speed settings used for "mig like tig" look.

"stay on the front of the puddle!.. "

Mig welding techniques for uphill Fillet welds

Mig welding techniques for vertical uphill mig

The main things to pay attention to for short circuit mig welding uphill are:

1. Voltage and wire speed are usually a good bit lower than for flat and horizontal

     if you are using a mig welding chart, you can usually just select one or two thicknesses under as a good starting point.

2. Stickout is also known as CTWD or Contact Tip to Work Distance.

for short circuit mig, this needs to be really short ...like around 3/8"

3. gun angle should be a slight push angle...this is pretty forgiving as long as your stickout is good and short but dont get carried away with too much gun angle

For a 3g vertical open root plate test, sometimes the root pass is downhill and sometimes its uphill.  Either one works but different voltage and wire speed settings are used.


"WYSS...Watch Your Stickout Sucker!.. "

what is a short stickout? or contact to work distance (ctwd)

for short circuit mig aka short arc, its very short

its longer for spray transfer on both steel and for aluminum spool guns but that is a different story.

tips for mig welding square tubing and the weld sequence to keep it true 90 degrees.

here is a hint...

plenty of tack welds

Tips for mig welding thin wall square tubing

This thin wall square tubing joint involves welding in horizontal, vertical down and overhead.

if settings are close, and a short stickout is used, its a fairly easly joint.

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