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boy scout merit badge for stick welding
Stick Welding Lap Joints Video shows stick welding lap joints with 6011, 6013, 7018
arc welding overhead with 7018

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more mig welding techniques
Final Video on building a DIY downdraft table for plasma cutting

plasma cutting table diy downdraft part 2
Plasma Cutting Table - Useful

stick welding tips from Bubba
Stronghand Tools 3 axis clamp and other metal fabrication tools
Hobart Mig welder 210 mvp dual voltage welds a SWAG bumper kit

Metal Fabrication using a StrongHand table

miller plasma cutter - spectrum 625 extreme
hobart ironman 230 mig welder review

mig welding techniques for short arc and spray

Mig Welding aluminum Hobart IronMan 230 part 2

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Mig welding aluminium on a Stronghand buildpro welding table

mig welding an aluminium fixture using a stronghand welding table

fabrication tips using a precision table

round parts dont have to be hard to fab

whats up with all the different sizes and types of tig cups?

tips for how to weld aluminum using a gas lens cup

There are all kinds of cups but one will get you by in most situations
Mig welding with co2 vs 75/25 ar/co2
TIG welding certification test tips
Tig Finger Tips
Hydraulic Shop Press Brake DIY Kit
aluminum welding with a spool gun
Arc Welding is Better...Sometimes
hobart mig welder IronMan 230
tig welding steel laps and corner joints
portable band saw stand built with tig mig stick tips for passing a 3g mig welding test

Sept 29, 2011...3g mig plate test

tips for taking a 3g vertical uphill mig welding certification test
tips for how to use a cutting torch

Sept 23, 2011...Cutting torch tips

using an oxygen acetylene cutting torch

Tig welding steel parts on a stronghand welding table

Sept 15, 2011...Fabricating small steel parts

using a stronghand buildpro table

Aluminum Welding Practice

Sept 6, 2011...A great way to get plenty of aluminum welding practice

Do the aluminum drill

Instructions for making a Slide Hammer Puller

Aug 30, 2011...How to make a Slide Hammer Puller tool

The best slide hammer puller plans ever

Welding Tools and Tooling

Aug 18, 2011...StrongHand Tools BuildPro table and tooling for fabricating

The best precision welding table for the money

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part 2 of fabricating 10 carts with a stronghand welding table
stainless steel exhaust repair
welding tools and table - fabrication
miller diversion demo using helium mix
plans for building a portable band saw stand

tig welder demo

July 6, 2011...Miller Diversion vs Everlast 185 micro

tig welder demo..

portable band saw stand

June 30, 2011...simplest plans ever for building a

stand for a porta band saw..

mig vs stick welding

June 23, 2011...techniques for stick and mig


welding certification tips for taking a stick test

June 15, 2011...improve your chances of passing a welding test

get the DVD if you need to..

tips for taking a stick welding test

June 9, 2011...10 easy tips for the root pass on a stick welding test

gap is key..

welding 4140 is a lot like welding 4130

May 30, 2011...which is a lot like welding steel.

carbon content is the main difference..

A few modifications turn a pair of vise grips and a slide hammer into an awesome pin puller

May 23, 2011...one of the handiest diy welding tools ever .

puling pins is easy with this thing..

Aluminum bronze weld on the tip makes a big difference

May 16, 2011...one of the handiest diy welding tools ever is the third hand.

this mod makes it even better and eliminates arc marks...

how to tig weld overhead video

May 9, 2011...tig welding overhead is mostly a matter of figuring out how to be comfortable and how to hold the torch.

walking the cup or using a tig finger both work...

Miller welding helmet

May 6, 2011...A review on my Miller Digital Elite

a pretty good helmet but not perfect...

mig welding overhead

May 3, 2011...Mig welding overhead

Mig machine settings and techniques for overhead welding..

how to mig weld video

April 22, 2011...mig welding is probably the easiest way to get started welding

bare wire mig with .023" wire is best for auto body work...

tig welding techniques and welding magnesium

April 22, 2011... magnesium castings can be repaired using tig welding

the same techniques used for aluminum work with some tweaks...

Walking the cup vs propping... tig welding video

April 13, 2011...To walk the cup or not to walk the cup?

Walking the cup works...but so do other techniques....

Mig Welding Lesson on the importance of short stickout and ground

April 9, 2011...A good ground makes mig more better...this welding video shows it up close.

A short stickout covers a multitude of transgressions...Using too long a stickout makes everything worse....

Welding Ground Tip

March 29, 2011...Sometimes a normal ground clamp does not cut it. Parts do not always have a good place to attach a ground clamp and sometimes you need to protect the part from arc strikes

this quick welding video shows a 2 minute tip for getting a good ground on anything....

Aluminum Properties and how to weld

March 22, 2011...There are a few things you need to know about all aluminum welding ... aluminum is hot short..that means it cracks easily at certain temperature ranges. That is why tack welds done with no filler dont work.

Click the picture or link about to see this welding video and tips for tig welding aluminum.

Welding Stainless to Carbon using hastelloy W tig rod

March 15, 2011...Hastelloy W works for all kinds of different steels. But it is very expensive.

312 stainless is almost as good for when you are not sure of the steel you are welding.

metals and how to weld nickel

March 9 2011....nickel alloys like inonel, hastelloy, nichrome V, and waspalloy do not need as much heat and have a sluggish puddle.

click the pic or link to see the welding video on nickel alloys.

properties of stainless and how to purge

March 2 2011....one of the properties of stainless is that it will sugar if not purged on the back side and that looks like Fido's ass.

This short video on the oxidation properties of stainless shows how to purge and weld.

Arc Welding Project

Feb 23 2011....Old school stick welding for when you have to weld over crap

Sometimes good enough is good enough...and sometimes you cant clean the metal or it just aint worth it

brazing copper to steel silver brazing steel or stainless steel to copper with stay silv white flux

properties of stainless and how to weld it properties of stainless steels...best practices for welding stainless to keep it from rusting

metals and how to weld them properties of metals

welding certification test practice practicing for a welding certification test...part 2

tig welding test tips for tig welding practice

tig welding techniques tips for tig welding lap joints and butt joints

tig welding razor blades tips for welding razor blades and why you should sharpen your tungsten like a freaking needle

tig welding techniques for pipe welding root pass and fill passes without walking the cup.

mig welding techniques 2 mig welding techniques for mig welding uphill. Sliced and diced into cross sections for metallographic testing for penetration.

tig welding aluminum coke cans

Miller Dynasty 200dx and Everlast powertig 250ex go head to head welding coke cans.

how to mig using spray transfer check out the difference between short arc and spray....pushing vs pulling using mig also and welding test cross section results

cutting metal using a tig torch like a plasma cutter A tig torch will cut sheet metal, but only good in a pinch, a plasma cutter is much better.

mig welding downhill root pass and uphill weave bead A little known practice weld that prepares a welder for open butt V groove welds without breaking the bank

welding stainless steel outside corners A tip for making a chill block fixture that really helps on outside corner joints....like when you are building a tank or box.

Innovative Tig Torches from WeldTec as seen at Fabtech 2010 a 320 amp small water cooled torch and also a small air cooled torch with a nimble whip...what?

Innovative Pipe vise and pipe clamps this is one "cool as balls" tripod vise

Homemade Tig welder - Rectifier turns buzz box into tig welder

Tips for welding stainless steel tubing for boat rails

Millers new wireless foot pedal for tig welders

how to tig welding with the laywire technique Laywire means leaving the wire in the puddle. Pipe welders and boilermakers do it all the time.

Welding Rods for Dissimilar Metals Sometimes you dont know the exact metal you are welding but it damn sure needs welding right now...

pulse tig parameters

High speed pulse vs slow speed pulse tig explained

welding 303 stainless

how to weld 303 stainless steel with an everlast powertig 250ex and make strong welds that will hold grandma over the grand canyon

arc welding machine combo welder

Stick ARc welding with the EVerlast Powerpro 256 arc welding machine slash tig welder, slash plasma cutter

plasma cutter review

The Everlast PowerPro 256 is an ac/dc tig welder, stick welder, and plasma cutter...and its far from average.

tig welder review

an arc start issue is fixed after talking with tech support at Everlast

lincoln mig welding school

Awesome article about the one week Mig welding school Lincoln offers in Cleveland OH

modular fixturing

Modular fixturing comes in so handy for short production runs of welded fabricated parts.

multiprocess welder

welding steel with the everlast powerpro 256 multiprocess tig stick plasma cutter.

welding table video

stronghand tools mac daddy precision welding table

precision welding table

precision welding table from stronghand tools

tig welding brass

how to tig weld brass using aluminum bronze filler metal and pulse tig.

aluminum weld repair

an aluminum weld repair on a motorcycle bracket.

metal fabrication table

putting together the stronghand tools buildpro precision welding table

portable welding table and a bigger precision fixturing table

starting the build on a bunch of sewer crawlers using the portable welding table

2% lanthanated electrodes comparision test

Why is 2% lanthanated the best all around tungsten electrode?

tig welding accessories organizer on the cheap

Cheap way to organize your tig welding accessorizes like cups, collets, collet bodies, electrodes, etc.

different types of welding rods for stick welding

differences in 6010, 6011, 7018, and 7024

types of welding - tig, mig, stick

tig mig and stick welding overview ...what each one is good for

aluminum tig fingertip control for amperage

tig fingertip controls for overhead tig welding aluminum

tig welding aluminum using helium and argon mix

using an argon helium mix for thick aluminum increases penetration and helps a lot...makes it weld better and faster

welding positioners

recommendations for a welding positioner...what to look for in an affordable welding turntable

tig wire feeder

a tig wire feeder saves time and wire on some jobs

miller passport welder

miller passport mig welder uses small paintball co2 cylinders for portability and has a great arc with co2

sheet metal fabrication a trick for tack welding

this trick for tack welding saves lots of time

aluminum tig welding project

aluminum tote tray project using the tack welding tip

everlast tig welder settings part 1

part 1 of a series on what all those freakin knobs are for

everlast tig welder settings part 2

part 2 of a series on what all those freakin knobs are for

everlast tig welder settings part 3

part 3 of a series on what all those freakin knobs are for

everlast tig welder settings part 4

part 4 of a series on what all those freakin knobs are for

everlast tig welder settings part 5

part 5 of a series on what all those freakin knobs are for

everlast tig welder settings part 6

part 6 of a series on what all those freakin knobs are for

silver brazing steel to copper using low temp silver and white flux
leave welding video archives and learn more about the 2010 youtube welding DVD set

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