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OK Here's how this Welding Blog works: All the latest posts on welding tips and also the latest welding videos get posted here. , that means I will be making several new posts every day.

#8 Furick cup for Tig Welding Lap Joints

Video about TIG Welding Lap Joints using a #8 Furick cup

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TIG Welding Practice

For great TIG Welding Practice, Why not make a Log?

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Aerospace Welding Practice Test

Video shows Tips for Aerospace Welding practice test plates using plain cold rolled steel

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TIG Welding 18ga Cold Rolled Lap Joint

Video Shows tips for TIG Welding 18ga Cold Rolled Lap joints

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TIG Welding- Aluminum Doubler Weld Repair

Video shows 2 common repairs 1. tig welding an aluminum hole 2. Aluminum doubler lap joint repair on .070" 6061

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Furick Ally 5 Cup for Aluminum

Video shows TIG Welding Aluminum Vertical Butt with Furick Ally 5 cup

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Aluminum Lap Joint on a Cube Project

Arc Shots Galore -Tips and Tricks for Aluminum Lap Joints

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Furick 8 Pro

Video Shows TIG welding aluminum and steel using the Furick 8 pro clear cup on DC and AC

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Furick 8 Clear Cup

Video shows tig welding with a Furick 8 clear cup with crisp arc shots

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Different Types of Welding

There are 3 main Types of Welding used by the Average Joe...TIG, Stick, Mig

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Welding Video

Welding Video

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MIG Welding Over Mill Scale

Video Shows what can happen when MIG welding over mills scale

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TIG Welding 4130

Arc Shot Video of TIG Welding 4130 coped Tube

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MIG Welding Vertical

Video showing Techniques and Arc Shots for mig welding vertical uphill

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Walking the Cup on Socket Welds

Tips for Walking the Cup on Socket welds, arc shots, tips, cup size

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Depth of Fusion vs Penetration

Depth of Fusion - just a few molecules

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chipping hammer

chipping hammer

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Stick Welding Overhead

Videos of Stick Welding Overhead with Crystal Clear Arc Shots and Instruction

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TIG Welding Stainless holes

How to prevent Sugaring when Welding Stainless holes - Video with Arc shots

Continue reading "TIG Welding Stainless holes"

Hastelloy C filler wire

Video with crystal clear Arc shots using Hastelloy C filler wire

Continue reading "Hastelloy C filler wire"

TIG Welding Tubes

Video shows tig welding tubes for #tubehurricanechallenge

Continue reading "TIG Welding Tubes"

Piggy Bank Welding Project

Piggy Banky welding project using Silicon bronze for tig welding/brazing copper to steel

Continue reading "Piggy Bank Welding Project"

Do the Aluminum Drill for good Tig Welding Practice

Video shows padding peads in different directions doing the "Aluminum Drill"

Continue reading "Do the Aluminum Drill for good Tig Welding Practice"

TIG Welding 2G 2 Inch Pipe

TIG Welding 2G 2 inch schedule 80 pipe using Dip Keyhole technique for Root with arc shots

Continue reading "TIG Welding 2G 2 Inch Pipe"

4130 Chromoly Tubing

Video Shows Arc Shots and Techniques for TIG Welding 4130 Chromoly tubing

Continue reading "4130 Chromoly Tubing"

Welding Videos DVD

All of WT&T's YouTube welding Videos on DVD!

Continue reading "Welding Videos DVD "

7018 Fill and Cap with 7016 Open root

Video shows 7018 Fill and Cap with 7016 Open root tips, tricks, techniques, Arc shots

Continue reading "7018 Fill and Cap with 7016 Open root"

Technique for Stainless Root

Video Shows Crisp Arc Shots and Technique for TIG Welding a Stainless Root pass on 3 inh pipe

Continue reading "Technique for Stainless Root "

Tig Finger Tips

Tips for using a Tig Finger Heat Shield

Continue reading "Tig Finger Tips"

Tig Welding a Stainless Steel Purge Box

video shows the making of a Purge Box and tig welding small parts in the box

Continue reading "Tig Welding a Stainless Steel Purge Box"

Mig Welding Pipe

Video shows Mig Welding Pipe in 5g position with arc shots and machine settings

Continue reading "Mig Welding Pipe"

Backstep Technique for TIg Welding

Video shows details of the Backstep Technique for Tig welding

Continue reading "Backstep Technique for TIg Welding"

TIG Welding Pipe

Video with Crisp Arc Shots of TIG Welding Pipe to Stainless Flange

Continue reading "TIG Welding Pipe"

CK MT200 ACDC TIG Welder

Video Shows the CK mt200 acdc welder on 4130 chromoly, Aluminum, Stainless, with lots of ARC shots

Continue reading "CK MT200 ACDC TIG Welder"

Learn How to Weld with Welding Videos and DVDs

Is it Possible to Learn How to Weld with Welding Videos and DVDs? Find Out Now.

Continue reading "Learn How to Weld with Welding Videos and DVDs"

TIg Brazing vs Tig Welding

Video shows Simple Testing of Tig Brazing vs Tig Welding...surprising results

Continue reading "TIg Brazing vs Tig Welding"

Stargon AL is a TIG Welding Gas

Video compares Stargon AL to Argon and Argon/Helium mix

Continue reading "Stargon AL is a TIG Welding Gas"

Gas Shielding is Critical for Stainless Steel Welds

For Food Service welding and other critical work, tips for getting gas shielding to the back side

Continue reading "Gas Shielding is Critical for Stainless Steel Welds"

AC Frequency for TIG Welding Aluminumg

Video Compares Penetration using 50hz to 250hz AC frequency settings

Continue reading "AC Frequency for TIG Welding Aluminumg"

Aluminum Welding

Get Better at Aluminum Welding by Watching this Video and doing the Drill

Continue reading "Aluminum Welding"

TIG Weld basics part 1 - The Best Big TIG welding overview on the net

This Video provides a Huge overview of ways to Tig weld along with different types of tig welders

Continue reading "TIG Weld basics part 1 - The Best Big TIG welding overview on the net"

Aluminum Welding Training on your own - just you and your tig machine

The best Aluminum Welding Training you can get on your own - How to Get better at Tig Welding

Continue reading "Aluminum Welding Training on your own - just you and your tig machine"

Pulse Tig Parameters

High Speed Pulse TIG Welding vs Slow Speed over 30 pps vs 1 pps anything in between Chaps my Smurf

Continue reading "Pulse Tig Parameters"

Discolored Stainless Steel Welds - What causes gray welds?

Discoloration in Stainless Welds - What causes discolored stainless steel welds

Continue reading "Discolored Stainless Steel Welds - What causes gray welds?"

Stainless Steel Welding

Tips for stainless steel welding

Continue reading "Stainless Steel Welding "

Walking the Cup TIG Pipe

Video shows Walking the Cup on 3" pipe with arc shots and instructions on how to walk the cup

Continue reading "Walking the Cup TIG Pipe"

Pipe Welding Videos

Pipe Welding Videos Showing several 6G tests along with Arc Shots

Continue reading "Pipe Welding Videos"

Welding DVD 2019

DVD of Tig, Mig, and Stick Welding videos

Continue reading "Welding DVD 2019"

Overhead Tee with 7018

Video shows Stick welding an overhead tee joint with 7018 electrodes

Continue reading "Overhead Tee with 7018"

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