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.052 fc settings

i havent welded with .052 wire in 11 years.i have forgotten what the settings are for 3g & 4g. i'm guessing around 30 volts and 355 wire i in the ballpark?


It has been a long time for me too...

here are 2 links that I hope will help you figure out a good starting point.

first is the miller welding weld calculator.

it does not list .052 but I think you can still get some good info.

miller flux core settings Help

second is a lincoln pdf page.

lincoln flux core settings

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Oct 30, 2015
052 pulse mig NEW
by: shipbuilder

052 u want around 38 volts and 250 wire speed running on a Miller 350 with 95/5 running mig pulse adaptive

Jul 09, 2015
052 wire on licoln welder setting NEW
by: Anonymous

im taking a test in the morning I need help ive welded 045 wire but I cant get the settings rt on 052 wire im not sure what type of machine any suggestions plz help

Oct 11, 2013
.052 NEW
by: Anonymous

What good settings for welding 2g, 3g, 4g postions on 3/8 plate.

Feb 10, 2013
.052 mig welding NEW
by: Anonymous

you are in the ball park 30 volts 300 wire speed is what we run

Sep 06, 2011
.052 settings
by: Barry

thank you. yes i have been to the miller website.they don't seem to weld big iron,just small iron. maybe someone will see this and post.

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