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Pipe Welding Videos

Pipe Welding Videos with clear Arc Shots!

Stainless Flange to Carbon Pipe

There are several pipe welding videos here along with some 6g pipe tests.

This page focuses on videos but you can also visit detailed pages on each video to see settings, tips, techniques and more.

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This video shows Root pass tips and techniques on a 3inch schedule 40 carbon steel pipe welded to a stainless steel flange.

Purging techniques along with a lay wire root pass technique are shown in detail with clear arc shots.

er309 filler wire is commonly used to weld carbon steel to stainless steel and the root is purged with argon.

There are a few purging tips and demonstrations that help with understanding how to get the best argon purge for a root.

read more about this stainless root pipe welding video

Freehand Hot Pass and Cap

I like to walk the cup as much as the next guy but sometimes there are things in your way so its good to know how to freehand.

see the full article here about tig welding pipe freehand hot pass and cap on 3"

5g downhill pipe

Andrew Cardin demonstrates downhill root, hot pass, and cap techniques using 5/32 and 3/16" electrodes.

5/32 for the root and 3/16" for hot, fill, and cap passes.

Techniques are shown along with clear arc shots and explanations of what is happening.

Downhill pipe is common in the gas and oil industries under API1104

Read more about this Downhill pipe welding video

6G 6 inch pipe test with 6010 uphill root and 7018 fill and cap

This video shows tips and techniques for a 6g 6 inch pipe welding test.

a 6g pipe test is the gatekeeper for a lot of pipe welding jobs so it pays to be able to pass a 6g test.

This 6 inch schedule 80 pipe with 6010 root and 7018 fill and cap is a very common test.

read more about the 6" schedule 80 6G test with 6010 root here

6g Monster Coupon welding test

The 6g Monster Coupon Welding test is given by some companies because of the broad range of thickness and diameter qualification it provides.

This video shows root pass done with GTAW er70s2 for root and hot pass.

7018 for fill and cap.

read more about the 6g monster coupon welding test here

2 inch Schedule 80 6G test with 6010 root 7018 cap

Andrew demonstrates tips and techniques for a 6 g 2 inch schedule 80 pipe with 3/32" 6010 root pass and 3/32" 7018 fill and cap.

Body positioning is a big part of any 6g pipe test and the smaller the diameter pipe, the more important it is to be able to reposition the body

read more about this 6g test pipe welding video with 6010 root

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