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1/16" 8 Pro Combo Kits are Ready

What is a 1/16" 8 pro combo kit?

One of our most popular kits has been our 8 Pro combo kit  with 3/32" hardware.

The reason we named it a "combo kit" is because it combines one clear 8 cup and one pink ceramic cup.

Even though 3/32" is definitely the most widely used size tungsten, there are times when a smaller tungsten will give better results.

We got lots of requests from Aerospace welders, bike builders, and sanitary stainless welders...

to make the same 8 pro combo kit with 1/16" hardware.

So that is exactly what we did and they are ready right now at the store

Hey, Even if you dont weld on razor thin metals, but you almost never go over 100 amps, then 1/16" tungsten makes sense because it sharpens quicker and costs less per stick.

And just like our 3/32" 8 combo kit, we have kits for both 17 style torches and 9/20 style torches

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Our New 8 pro combo 1/16" kit for 17 style tig torches...

Our 8 pro combo kits for 17, 18, 26 torches come in a pocket size tackle box full of these parts:

  • Clear Furick 8 pro cup
  • Ceramic weldmonger 8 cup
  • furick 1/16 stubby gas lens
  • furick 1/16" wedge collet
  • ck 1/16" split collet
  • o rings for clear 8 cup
  • short back cap
  • 2 heat works best for ck tig torches and one is for all other brand tig torches....just to make sure you have the best fit possible.

8 pro combo 1/16" kit for 9/20 style tig torches...

A  1/16" 8 pro combo kit is just the beginning

With the 1/16" 8 pro combo kit, you can add other furick cups and 1/16" diffusers for those thin low amperage jobs that still need full argon coverage even when using a long stick out.

This 1/16" 8 combo kit is a great start and will work with all other furick cups provided you also get the 1/16" diffusers for each cup.

The jazzy 10 ceramic and furick ceramic 12 with 1/16" diffuser screens would make a great addition to this 8 combo kit and would be a great kit for every aerospace welder, bike builder, sanitary stainless welder, and many others doing precision low amperage tig welding.

And now that I think of it, when I worked in aerospace, almost all the jobs in the hot section area used 1/16" tungsten and a #8 or larger gas lens.

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