16 gauge steel hard wire

How to weld 16 gauge steel with hard wire
thats a wide open question but here goes...

well the best gas to use with bare wire for 16 ga is probably 75/25 ar/co2

but co2 would work also.

downhill all the vertical joints and in fact any joint you can position to where it is slightly downhill will weld smoother.

.030" or .025" wire works best but .035" is still in the ball park and will work fine if you set it right.

depending on the machine, the voltage will probably be around 16-18

wire feed speed will depend on wire size used.

flow on the mig gun will also depend on the size of the nozzle and type of gas used but 25 cfh will probably get you going.

most mig welders these days come with some type of chart inside the wire spool panel.

those settings are usually a pretty good place to start.

er70s6 is the most common wire but er70s3 or 4 is fine also.

you may find that short runs of only a few inches help prevent warping.

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