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180 sd

by chico thomas

Jody, Jody don't feel blue frankenstine was ugly too. I'm an old x marine & that was one of the things we shouted on runs. Love your stuff. I just bought a used 180 sd I want to weld 18 gage steel what are the setings?

The rest I know is practice which I'm learning from your site thanks" chico"Thomas



18 ga is about .048"

50 amps is about all you need.

DCEN, ( electrode neg, high freq on start)

this is the link to the owners manual.

set the ac balance to balanced or 2-3 whatever it tells you for dc welding.

if you forget, it might start at a higher than normal amperage and blow holes.

thanks for the post,



"aint no need in going back, jody got a Cadillac."

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