252 miller voltage /wirespeed ?????

by chris conway
(topeka kansas)

i am fairly new to mig welding.i have a 252 miller and my question is i am welding new 3/16 angle iron to 3/16 square tubing with .035 solid wire, 25/75 argon and went off the miller settings chart 18.4 volts and 265 wirespeed and was making nice welds but how do i know if the penetration was good enough? thanks chris


The miller settings are usually pretty good and pretty hot too. I usually have to trim their wire speed recommended setting back a bit.

the only way to be sure about penetration is to weld a scrap joint and cut it , polish it, and etch to see the depth of penetration.

another down and dirty way is to set up a lap or tee joint and break it in a vise to inspect penetration.

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