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2G GMAW Breakage

by Steven

2G Open Root,12/11/10

2G Open Root,12/11/10

I have been attending Welding School Since June of this year, I am having trouble passing my 2G DT. I have made several attempts, PUSH and Pull Open Root 3/8 Plate.

Techniques Vary: Cursive E's or U's Fill and Cap, Up and Down, Backward C's... (No Prob with Open Root no matter what size gap I use (5/32 - 1/4)

Machine XMT 304, C-25(20-25 Setting) Voltage 16.7 - 18 Volts, wirespeed 2.75 - 3.25, Far as I see I stay in front of the puddle.

Beads and overall Visual results look great so I am told but I get breakage which seems to been the fusion on top of my 2G... I thought alot of it was me grinding the root so I stopped, I not sure what else to say except I am right next to a an Outside Exhaust Fan (Me trying to place blame)All DT's are flame cut and not quenched. Please Help the Green Monster is Chewing my Confidence apart. No prob with 3G Or 6G since I use the Pyramid Method.. I do have pics if needed or would help....Steve

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