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3G test in FCAW

So I have always just stick and tig welded, since work is kinda scarce right now I found myself having to go to a fab shop for work.

The test in a 3g in Fluxcore. Since I have never welded Fluxcore in my life, I figured someone on here could give me some tips. Or if it is even ridiculous to think I could pass it with no Flux core experience at all?



I dont think you are wasting your time, if you can find someone to show you some techniques , you might get it down in 30 minutes.

but the trick is to get someone to show you.

is that possible?

anyone on here got any flux core tips for Rusty?

Good luck,


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Feb 20, 2015
by: silverss

If you are using dual shielding wire with 75/25 gas you need to weave. Your technique should be similar to stick but you have to make sure and drag the wire not push.

Apr 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

FCAW-75/25 Welding 3G horizontal to me is the hardest one but use the Stringers like you would doing a fillet weld on a t-plate use a mig for your root

Apr 15, 2013
FCAW-75/25 Welding 3G Stringers NEW
by: Anonymous

anyone show or tell you yet? i got a video i can send you its a good one a friend of mine made it as he was doing it and goes into detel

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