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4G Tips for 6010

First of all, always make sure the electrode is wet. Once it's heated it will have a tendency to stick unless it's pretty moist. With a 4G butt joint the gap is crucial. When the shiny steel part of the electrode just barely won't fit the gap is right. Next, body position goes a long way. It's super hard to weld over head when you are flapping in the breeze. Steady yourself against the wall or table so that you can focus on your weld and not how uncomfortable you are. GO SLOW! I like to turn my amps down to 75 or so (with 1/8" rod) and push the electrode through really slow and deliberately. Once you hear the rushing air sound the electrode make when the puddle is pushed through your keyhole let it burn in for about one second. Repeat. Good luck. This is a difficult position in a difficult process. Keyhole. Gotta love it, man.

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