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Tips for 5F Weld Tests

3/32" 7018 5F Weld test

a 5F weld test usually involves at least one cross section macro etch test to test for penetration into the root of the joint.


A 5F weld test is a fillet weld test that is a tube welded to a plate where the tube's axis is horizontal and the plate is vertical. A 5F weld test is considered more difficult than a 2F weld because of the body positioning that is required to maintain a favorable line of sight and rod angle. 

5/32" 7018 5F Weld test

TIG Aluminum 5F weld test

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5F MIG Tube to Plate

Short circuit MIG requires a bit of arc manipulation to make the bead less convex. One technique that helps keep the arc at the leading edge of the puddle is the upside down V motion

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