6010 root pass

by Joe Hargett
(northern AZ.)

when i set my amps for my open root and hot pass with 6010/7010( may not be orthodox)
on a scrap piece strike an ark and bury rod

keep turning up amps until arc does not snuff but will walk across piece if you are running downhill leave it there... if running up, turn down 5 amps +/-

this does me good for a place to start i step in my hot pass with the crown knocked down and watch the wagon tracks between the puddle and end of rod

try it

also needs to be added that i run wider gap up than down if 1/8 rod i use a 3/32 gap and 1/8 gap running with up 6010 and a little closer with 7010 if it help cool

an old pipe liner taught me this and i swear by it


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