6061-26 Billet aluminum

by Tim
(Covington, La. United States)

I’m an experience tig welder, I have a little experience with aluminum. I have a project to weld 6061-26 Billet aluminum. I have some 1/8”, 3/8” m.w. pipe and 2” thick plate. Can you help me with any advice, preparing, preheat, and post heat? I’m using a Miller Dynasty 300amp with a water cooled tig rig. Any starting parameters?



preheat to about 250f
this will probably take about 250 amps at times
set ac balance to about 65-70
ac freq to 100-120
1/8" 2% lanthanated, ceriated, or thor tungsten sharpened to a dull point

sorry for being late on this post...been a bit under the weather.


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