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6g 2" Sch 10 Stainless steel pipe weld test

by Leonard
(Gonzales, Louisiana ,U.S)

im using scratch start set up no foot pedal large cup 1/16 tungsten and 3/32,1/8 filler metals using about 15cfh gas flow what would be good amperage for a root pass and cap or should i adjust any of my settings


Somewhere around 70-100 amps but it depends on fit up.

if there is no bevel and the fit is perfect with no gap at all, it will use more amps than if it is gapped or has slight bevel.

schedule 10 is often done using no bevel, and no filler wire .

your 1/8" wire seems big, and your electrode size seems small to me...have you tried using 3/32" electrode?

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