6G tests Carbon & Stainless Duplex

by James

Gid'ay i'm from the land of Oz, (or down under)

hay i was doin a 6G test with my scratch start Kempi inverter 150 and it was gonna be X-rayed, i did the Carbon steel no worries, but with no experience on S/Steel the welding supervisor did'nt let me through on the S/Steel. i think he reckoned i was too hot judging by the colour.(He said)
What's the story with to much heat on S/Steel and Duplex, everyone seems to make a big deal of it ? And it's making me shy away from stainless/duplex.

i uploaded some pic's of welding pipes for BHP Port Headland and the lateral leg on an Iron Ore Reclaimer out in the desert in a mine called Solomon - (middle of no-where)- and yours truly pre-heating B4 i welded out a bucket in Emerald-another mining town.(hope Ur viewers enjoy them as much as i did welding them)

Cheers little ears
James :)

p.s thanx heaps ay, 4da tips n tricks (4ever learning,ay)
Tig finger is awesome by the way :)

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