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6G Weld Tests

Andrew Cardin Freehands a 2 inch 6G TIG test

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I failed my first 6g weld test. So I made a bunch of 6g weld test videos to help you pass yours.

A very common test is a 6g 6 inch sched 80 6010 root with 7018 fill and cap

a 6 inch sched 80 pipe with 6010 root and 7018 fill and cap is one of the most common 6g weld tests given.

The video above will help you pass your test.

In case you are struggling on the 6010 root pass, here is a short video 

There are many different techniques that work for a 6010 uphill root on a 6g test.

Some welders simply drag the rod while others prefer to use the keyhole whip and pause method.

Both techniques work but I think the whip and pause method is a bit more versatile for bad fitups.

6010 3/32" can be difficult but Andrew Cardin shows how he does it on a 2 inch 6g test

2 inch sched 80 6g with 3/32" 6010 root is the first 6g test I ever took and I failed it.  My main problem was I ran the 7018 hot pass at 90 amps which was simply a bit too hot.

things were going great until I blew a hole.

then it was game over.

Maybe the video above will help you pass your 6g weld test.

UA41 test with 309 purged root

More tips for 6g welding tests

A 6G weld test is a test to evaluate a welder's skill in joining two pieces of metal at a specific angle.

The "6" in 6G refers to the position of the joint, which is at a 45-degree angle. The "G" stands for groove weld, meaning the weld is made in a groove between the two pieces of pipe.

In simple terms, during a 6G weld test, the welder has to join two metal pipes that are positioned at a 45-degree angle to each other.

This is considered one of the most challenging positions because it requires the welder to work in different directions requiring using both hands.

The test typically evaluates the welder's ability to control the welding torch or electrode, manage heat, and produce a sound weld that meets certain standards for quality and strength.

Passing the 6G weld test demonstrates the welder's proficiency in a challenging welding position, qualifying the welder for a wide range of welding positions in both plate and pipe.

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