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7018 2G Practice Plate - for Welding Students

2g Root pass with 6010 1/8"

The bevel angle, land, and gap make a big difference on a root pass using 6010.

When you practice a plate like this, its important to use the same bevel angle, gap, and land as the test you will take.


The amperage for the root pass was set to around 85-90 amps using a 1/8" 6010 electrode.

2g Fill and cap with 7018 3/32"

For the 3/32" 7018 fill and cover pass, amperage was 85-90.

This weld could easily be done using 1/8" electrodes and for a weld test, the welding procedure might either give the option of either 3/32 or 1/8 7018 or it might specify a diameter.  Always read and follow the weld procedure when taking a weld test.

A 2G plate test is mostly a practice weld required by welding schools and its a great way to get better at 6010 roots before moving on to more difficult positions.

There are companies that require A 2g plate test  along with 3g and 4g plate tests to qualify for all positions.

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