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7018 Fill and Cap with 7016 open Root

7016 open root video

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This Video shows a 7018 1/8" fill and cap on a practice test plate in preparation for the same joint on Pipe (pipe video coming soon).

Plate is much easier to get, easier to prep, and costs less than pipe so it makes sense to me to start with plate and get to a point where you can weld overhead, vertical, and flat with plate before trying to weld pipe.

...Since a 5g pipe uphill transitions from overhead, to vertical, to flat.

In an earlier video, the root pass was welded using 7016 electrode.

7016 is very similar to 7018.

both are low hydrogen rods but the 7016 contains less iron powder in the flux and so deposits less metal and is easier to control on an open root.

7016 hot pass

The pipe procedure we are working towards calls for a 7016 root and second pass aka hot pass.

Fill and cap are 7018 after the second pass.

the 7016 root usually looks pretty rough on the welded side and needs grinding.  So care should be taken not to grind the root too thin, otherwise you could blow right thru it on the hot pass.

80 amps was used for a 7016 3/32" hot pass.

7018 fill and cap passes

After the hot pass, there is no concern of blowing thru so Andrew stepped up to a 1/8" 7018 at 105 amps for a fill pass.

Cap or Cover pass was done using stringer beads at 110 amps.

The Rebel 285 has both hot start and dig functions and the hot start is pretty darn responsive and pretty hot so it was set to only 10-20% .  That means the arc starts at 10% hotter amperage than what is set on the panel. 

Arc control function was set to 50%

I realize not all machines have a hot start or arc control (dig) settings but I listed the settings for reference anyway.

Machines are all different and generator machines are very different than inverter style welders like the Rebel.

It just takes a bit of time on a machine to figure out the best settings for a certain situation.

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