7018 Welding Rods - Lincoln Excalibur vs Hobart

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I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and he mentioned That he had recently burned some Lincoln Excalibur 7018 rods.

He said the slag peeled off slick as a button so I figured I would give them a go.

So I bought 10 lbs of 3/32" Lincoln Excalibur 7018 and also a 5 lb box of Hobart rods so I could compare them both.

I set the machine to 95 amps on DCEP -electrode positive ( aka reverse polarity) and set up a few outside corner joints using 1/4" cold rolled steel flat bar.

One thing I noticed immediately was that the flux coating on the Excalibur rods was a little thicker than the Hobart. That translates into higher metal deposition and longer beads.

After running both types of welding rods...the Hobart 7018 vs the Lincoln Excalibur 7018, the slag on the Excalibur 7018 rod definitely seems to peel off more easily than the Hobart 7018.

But does that mean its a better rod?

maybe...maybe not.

both rods welded fine,

But what about 7018 rods vs 6013?

I have a pretty strong opinion on 6013 rods.

I hate them.

Dont get me wrong. If you use and like 6013, and can make good welds, keep on keeping on.

I just cant make myself use 6013 when I have any other choice.

They do start and restart easier than 7018 but other than that,

I truly dont like 6013 welding rods because of problems I have had with worm holes and such.

But I do like 7018 welding rods.

Wanna know why?

because 7018 welding rods are serious rods....used for code work on high rise buildings, bridges, high pressure piping and other critical work.

You wont find 6013 rods on any nuclear power plant job site but you will find plenty of 7018.

a 7018 puddle is easier for me to distinguish than a 6013 puddle.

7018 rods are stronger than 6013's

7018's have less spatter than 6013 rods

Even if all you have is an AC buzz box, you dont have to use 6013 rods. you can use 7018 AC rods specifically engineered to weld using AC.

But if you have a DC welder, give the Lincoln Excalibur 7018 welding rods a go. I think you will like.

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