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90degree fillet welds in 3mm ally

by Basil
(Leicester, UK)

I'm fairly new to welding ally. I'm using square wave AC, about 70% electrode negative, 1.5% Lanthiated 2.4mm electrode ground to a point with a small flat on the end and about 200hz. Problem is the arc doesn't seem well focused, the two halves melt a few mm away from the joint and it needs lots of fillet to get them to join. Is there any way to get a more focused arc so I can get it right into the root? (Its bugging me so much that I'm posting on Christmas day when I should be peeling vegetables for the wife!)


Merry Christmas...

I find these things to help..

as tight an arc length as you can hold without dipping your wick.

try adjusting your shielding gas down to a minimum ..but to where it still welds clean

using a helium argon mix helps a lot too.



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