How to tig weld for beginners

If you have been looking around for the best page on "how to TIG weld for beginners" then you found it.

I have a free How to TIG Weld for Beginners workbook for you as well as tons of videos on tig welding here on


Here is just a few examples of the videos linked inside the TIG workbook...

How to cut and sharpen Tungsten Electrodes

How NOT to TIG weld carbon steel


see more tig welding aluminum videos or go to the main TIG welding page


see more tig welding aluminum videos or go to the main TIG welding page

I also have a TIG welding course inside that starts at setting up your tig welder and walks you thru a series of skill building exercises in an ABC...123 type format.  We even have a Free 7 day test drive set up for you right here.

Keep reading for some key tips on "how to tig weld for beginners"

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Tip #1 Get the a good tig welder from a company who will provide support in the event you have problems with your TIG welder. 

There 2 main reasons why I have the PrimeWeld TIG 225 listed on my store..

  1. I think its the best value TIG welder available anywhere
  2. PrimeWeld has quickly taken care of the few issues we have had.

Tip #2 Get a weldmonger stubby gas lens kit as soon as you can.  Our Weldmonger Stubby gas lens kit is the best on the market and will help you get the best results out of your TIG welder.  It is the very first upgrade I recommend to anyone starting out.

Tip #3 Get a good many pieces of practice metal around 1/8" thick or so ...both carbon steel and aluminum. and devote plenty of time to welding beads with and without filler metal.

Don't get stuck only welding carbon steel.  


Carbon steel is a great way to start off but switching back and forth from carbon steel to aluminum has proven to help shorten the learning curve and avoid building bad habits.

Its easy to get lulled into a rut when welding bead after bead on carbon steel but switching back and forth every few beads from carbon steel to aluminum will keep you on your toes and require your full attention to details.

Practice padding beads just like you see in the video above until it feels natural and your beads are uniform. There is no need to advance to lap joints, tee joints, or square tubing welds until your beads are uniform.

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