Awesome Stainless Steel Pipe Welds - And some Welds that are not so awesome

A while back I sent a newsletter with a video of stainless steel pipe welds one of which was on a flange and was done using the "cup walking" technique.

The Weld was pretty freaking awesome because the welder knew what he was doing and he used an oversize gas lens cup along with the good technique and the wise practice of wire brushing with a stainless steel brush between passes.

He let the thing cool off a bit between passes and he controlled the heat input just right and left the weld discoloration just right. A little blue, purple, and straw. Like a peacock. Awesome.

This guy is a Craftsman. the video is above...

The video below should be titled "Welds that Look like Fido's Butt"

Poor gas shielding, Poor technique, poor craftsmanship, poor judgment, poor everything went into these welds. Most of these stainless welds have already begun rusting, some leaked, and some will definitely fail only months after being in service. What a shame?

Do me a favor. Make up your mind right now...and Promise yourself never to be a "Hack"!

No matter how much or how little you are getting paid.

Now more than ever, America needs real craftsmen. Welders that make good welds no matter if they are making 10 bucks an hour or 40.

Remember even if you are only making 10 bucks an hour, eventually , the cream always rises to the top.

"for the laborer is worthy of his hire"...."To whom much is given, much is required"... Hey I didnt make this stuff up...Its the Big Man talking.

exit stainless steel pipe welds and go to welding certification

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