A steady hand welds better

by Rodiron

This is a tip my father gave me back when I first let him know I was taking up the pipe welding trade. He was a 34yr. union boilermaker and owned his own shop,(that was when I was going to wear a suit and work in a office) This may not help anyone but then again over my 40yrs in the trade it has come to mind many times and mainly for stick and mig welding. He told me to always try to find something to rest my free arm on, ya know, the one that steadies the one holding the stinger. And if you can't find anything, tack somthing up. A steady hand makes for a better weld and better looking.When taking a 6G test I'd always stick my file or wire brush handle in the cupon or somthing. I hope someone can use this tidbit. Burn em down!!!

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