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about variables for welding

by Marina
(Skopje Macedonia)


I want to know how to use welding machine for Mig welding.
I don't know how to set Amperage, Voltage and Wire feed speed.
Diameter of wire is 1.2mm. and I have machine:
"Origo Mig500t".
The thickens of plate i use is from 5-25mm.

How to set this parameters
Please HELP


It does not matter what type of welding machine you use.

Wire feed speed can be determined and from there, you can dial it in...

1.2mm wire is pretty close to .045"

using the miller weld calculator, selecting material type = steel and thickness of 1/2" and above to correlate to the 5-25mm thickness range you mentioned..

the settings recommended by miller are...

390 inches per minute.
1 inches = 0.0254 meters so ...

that translates into 9.9 meters per minute or 9906 mm per minute.

you can manually set the mm per minute buy pressing the trigger and counting to 6 seconds.

then measure the wire that came out.

if 990 mm came out, you actually have 9900 mm or 9.9 meters because the way it works is you add a zero to the measurement.

my miller app on my iphone tells me that 9900mm of wire speed is needed along with 29-30 volts.

Once you have the wire speed set, set the voltage to 29-30 and adjust until you get the results you need. You should be hearing a humm or hiss and a smooth spray transfer arc.

watch this video and it might help you understand the difference between short circuit and spray arc.
spray transfer mig

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