AC TIG arc not "jumping"

by Shelby Howell
(Arley, AL)

I recently purchased an older Miller Syncrowave 250 machine and when trying to weld aluminium the arc isn't "jumping" to my base metal when i press down on my foot pedal, it's making me scratch start it to create an arc... Am I doing something wrong? I read another answer you answered to another guy and set my machine the way you told him due us welding the same thickness roughly and having the same machine...any help is greatly appreciated.

Shelby Howell


if the same thing happens on dc, and with hf set to start,
the high frequency gap may need adjustment.

if the only problem is when the hf is set to continuous, then i am not sure.

also make sure the hf is set to continuous.

you can weld aluminum with a sync 250 at higher amperages even with the hf switch set to start.

so just to check , you can try that and if it starts ok, there may be an issue with the continuous mode.

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