All "Buzz Boxes" are AC only. If it has DC it is not a "Buzz Box".

by Wm. Bickham
(Apple Valley, CA)

I'm just an old timer and I know it is splitting hairs but a "Buzz Box" is just an adjustable transformer with no rectifier so it has a 60 cycle buzz like crazy. Everybody I know when asking a question about a welder would say something like this: "Does it have DC or is it a Buzz Box". Thanks for all the good info.


good point. the welding community is pretty full of non standard terms like using the term "arc welding" to refer to "stick welding" which is technically smaw or "shielded metal arc welding" which in other parts of the word is called mma or manual metal arc welding...

there are still plenty of hairs left to split.

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